Energy Security

We live in an increasingly complex world in which increased reliance on foreign energy sources is a threat to our energy security — and national security.

An important part of the equation is building a diverse supply of new energy sources, which is why the oil and gas industry are making major investments in alternative energy sources.  But those energy sources alone aren’t enough to meet America’s rising energy demands. 

The U.S. Energy Information Administration estimates the United States will require approximately 12% more energy in 2040, with oil and natural gas still supplying 60% of the energy to our nation.

Unfortunately, right now we’re relying on acquiring our additional oil needs from foreign partners — many of whom don’t share America’s national interests.  We can continue to import this energy from abroad — or we can tap our resources here at home.  We have enough North American oil and natural gas resources to power America for 160 years.   

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