Expert Facts

Below are facts about Alaska energy and factors that can grow our nation's energy and economic security:

  • When federal offshore areas are excluded, Alaska’s crude oil production of 0.5 million barrels per day ranked fourth in the nation in 2014.
  • The Kenai liquefied natural gas (LNG) export facility, which began operations in 1969, was the first LNG export terminal in the United States. 
  • Many rural communities in Alaska rely primarily on diesel electric generators for power.  Alaska ranked second in the United States in 2014 in the share of its electricity that is generated from petroleum liquids. 
  • In 2014, Alaska was 1 of 10 states generating electricity from geothermal energy. Alaska's geothermal power plant at Chena Hot Springs has a capacity of 730 kilowatts. 
  • 12% of Alaska electricity comes from petroleum, 49.9% from natural gas, 28.6% renewables, and 8.6% coal.  There is no nuclear electricity generated in Alaska.
  • Production of US crude oil has almost doubled since 2010.  2010 produced 5.4 million barrels per day (bpd) and 2015 produced 9.4 million bpd.
  • America’s oil and natural gas industry supports 10.3 million jobs throughout the economy and 7.6 percent of GDP ($1.3 trillion) in 2015.
  • The oil and natural gas industry delivers tens of millions of dollars a day in revenue to government - more than $30 billion annually.